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Web Design and Development

Online visibility is necessity, not an option

We design intuitive website experiences for real people that focus on results and customer service. Strategy, project management, and exceptional talent are at the core of our offerings.

What is our team doing in Web Design?

Great web design is more than just aesthetics.

User-Centered Design

Our approach prioritizes people through user-centered design practices like customer interviews. We design for your users’ goals and your business goals, bringing them together on your website.

Custom Visuals and Graphics

We use custom visuals & graphics to highlight your brand and create a unique web experience. Our design layout guides the reader’s eye and tells an attractive story.

Page Builder Design

Our website updates are effortless, thanks to Elementor page builder. This empowers your marketing team for quick live changes, and our design team for complete visual control.

Conversion Optimization

We keep marketing funnels and website conversions top of mind when designing the customer journey. All while making sure the experience is pleasant and builds trust in the brand.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile support is essential. We’ll craft your website to meet best practices and exceed performance expectations, providing visitors with a fast and optimized experience on-the-go.

Usability Testing

We test website designs with real users early on to ensure usability. It’s crucial to double-check user flows and first impressions before launching anything new.

We're going to let you know a huge secret...

Our professional web design services follows a set of processes beginning with informational architecture, prioritized user tasks, conversion goals, and journey mapping.

Questionnaire and Discovery

We’ll ask you for important feedback on what makes your company unique, and how it operates. This informal discovery also allows us to learn more about your customers and target audience.

Persona Development

 Not every visitor to your site is after the same thing. After establishing some common customer/visitor types we’ll then qualify their experiential desires, and quantify what actions they might take on the site.

Conversion Mapping

Visitor actions on the site can be prioritized based on their impact on your bottom line. We’ll take your business goals and map them to specific, measurable online interactions. Not only does this help us in planning and design, but it also provides you a trackable metric to measure success and growth.

Why Ripon?

What is our team doing in Web Development?

Leveraging modern approaches to web development, we bring front-end, back-end, and architecture together to meet your business needs.

Beautiful Designed

Companies with well-designed websites tend to earn more trust and referrals. The websites we designed are well organized, clean, visually pleasing, and provide a good user experience. In addition, they are easy to manage.

Technically Sound

We’ve built hundreds of websites over more than a decade. The experience we’ve gained working with large brands and high-traffic sites means that your business can benefit from best practices and strong technical capabilities.

Page Speed & Performance

Websites that are slow to load see a much larger bounce rate than those that load quickly. Fast loading websites also rank better for search engine rankings. Our team follows best practices to help your site perform well.


Choose the perfect platform with our guidance. Opt for Shopify or WooCommerce for e-commerce, or consider Webflow for impressive website development and design. Trust us to find your ideal fit.

Your website is an extension of your brand.

WooCommerce Development
WooCommerce website development has become a global phenomenon in eCommerce. Ripon Digital is a full-stack WooCommerce development agency to cater to your WooCommerce needs.
Shopify Development
Delivering a delightful shopping experience goes beyond an attractive website. With Shopify, you get a complete solution that seamlessly manages products, variations, options, and post-sale processes.
WebFlow Development

WebFlow is a tool that allows you to create fast and modern websites, with an easy-to-use interface and built-in hosting options. At Ripon Digital, we leverage these benefits to develop customized websites for you using WebFlow. 

A successful website aligns well with the company’s brand, reflecting its unique qualities and culture, while appealing to target customers.

You imagined it, we can make it a reality.

Our websites prioritize speed, user experience, and responsive design across all devices. With a strong focus on search engine optimization (SEO), your website will be easily discoverable by search engines like Google. Be prepared for a high-quality website tailored to your needs and goals.
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Free SSL

Google gives higher priority to websites with SSL certificates.

Easy theme editing

Provides simple tools for customizing website themes.

Lightning-fast load times

Facilitates seamless and fast navigation between different pages of the website.

Mobile responsiveness

Ensures the website is compatible and user-friendly on mobile devices.

Multi-Language support

Be effective in global markets with multi-language support.

Customer support

Provides customer service options for inquiries and assistance.

Clean & professional design

Your website should have a professional and organized design that reflects your brand’s identity.

SEO-Friendly design

Your website should be designed with SEO in mind for better search engine rankings.

User-Friendly navigation

Your website should have easy navigation for users to find information quickly.

Social Media integration

Integrates social media platforms for seamless sharing and promotion of products.

Single-Page payment

Enables collecting payments from customers, including international payments, on a single page.

Quick returns and refunds processing

Streamlines the process of returns and refunds for customers.

Fast product search engine

Offers a comprehensive and fast search feature for products.

Quick Add-to-Cart functionality

Provides a fast and convenient way for customers to add products to their cart.

Reviews and ratings

Allows customers to provide feedback and ratings for products.

Sales reports

Generates reports on sales performance and analytics.

Product stock tracking

Monitors and manages product inventory levels to avoid stockouts or overselling.

Easy variation review

Allows customers to easily review product variations from any page.

Product comparison feature

Enables customers to compare different products side by side.

Subscription feature

Allows customers to subscribe to products or services for recurring payments.

Custom campaigns

Enables creating customized marketing campaigns for specific promotions or discounts.

Coupon code usage

Allows customers to apply coupon codes for discounts during checkout.

Marketplace Integrations

We enable communication across multiple marketplaces and showcase the products you sell.

SMS and E-mail notifications

Sends SMS and E-mail notifications to customers for order updates and promotions.

Advanced filtering options

Provides advanced filtering features for customers to refine their product searches.

Cross-Selling feature

Allows suggesting related products to customers for upselling.

Abandoned cart recovery

Recovers abandoned carts by sending reminders and incentives to customers.

Fraquently Asked Questions

What is Included in Web Design and Development?

Web design involves creating and designing a fully-functioning website. The process involves planning, building, testing and launching. Elements of a website include graphic design, UX design, coding and other back-end development.

Do you create custom-designed websites?
Every website we create is custom designed in Figma before being developed in the client’s CMS of choice.
Do you offer ongoing website maintenance and support?
Yes! We offer lightning-fast hosting and ongoing website management and SEO packages.
What is your typical working process?

We always start a project with analysis, learning the requirements, and making estimates that will be shared in the price proposal. Then it’s off to signing off, kicking off, and getting your business to the next level with a pinch of our design magic.

Where should I start with my business if I have an idea?
You’ve come to the right place! Please get in touch and we’ll help you with the ideation, design, and development. Full cycle on us, no hassle for you.
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